Monday, 7 July 2014

A brief view of the Tour de France in Leeds 5.7.14

Whether you watched le grande depart from the Headrow in Leeds, the pub, or the comfort of your living room, no doubt like me you were blown away by the shear spectacle of such a great event coming to Yorkshire. Overall I feel the event made the county look breath taking. Admittedly we was lucky with the weather, almost like God himself decided that he wanted to see Yorkshire without its inclement weather that had been very much threatened by the MET office. Indeed, almost on que, half an hour before the riders departed the Headrow, the clouds just seemed to part to reveal perfect blue summer skies for the benefit of those helicopter shots after, to be fair, a wet miserable morning.

I had chosen to see 'le Tour' pass through Moortown, and the crowds were huge as I approached Harrogate Road. So juggling my 2 year old son, his pram and also attempting to try and take a few pictures in amongst feeding him his lunch, I was as ready as I was ever going to be for the event...
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 031
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 044
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 045
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 048
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 072
Calderdale Tour de France Walk 074
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Oss said...

Hi Steve,

Quite a few of the riders - from a number of different countries - have commented that it was the best 'send off' they've ever had.

Fell Finder said...

I can well imagine. Yorkshire looked excellent on those two days, it also gave me a few ideas for walks too :}