Monday, 10 November 2014

Parkhouse Hill

 photo ChromeHillParkhouseHillampHighWheeldon097_zpscc46ac06.jpg
Location: Peak District National Park - Derbyshire
Height: 360 metres (1,180 ft)
Summit Type: Grassy/Rocky
Notable Summit Objects: -
Range: Pennines
Parkhouse Hill is a distinctive high point in the Derbyshire Peak District that is a Limestone Reef Knoll, similar to its neighbour, Chrome Hill. These set of hills make for a superb walk that have to be included in a list of classic Peak District wanderings, they also make for one of the only chances to complete a ridge walk in the national park, the Great Ridge from Mam Tor to Lose Hill is the other. These ridges however in my opinion are narrower and more spectacular in their appearance, and are also quieter on the tourist front due to their location.
The views from the summit of this hill are excellent. To the north the view looks towards Hind Low and on towards Kinder Scout, to the north east the view looks towards Eldon Hill and Mam Tor, east looks towards High Low and Bole Hill, south east looks towards Hitter Hill and High Wheeldon. South looks across the River Dove and on towards the north Staffordshire Moors. south west looks towards Hollinsclough Moor, west looks towards Hollins Hill, and north west looks towards Chrome Hill, Tor Rock and on towards Axe Edge Moor.

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