Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Stiperstones

Location: South West Shropshire
Height: 536 metres (1,759 ft)
Summit Type: Rocky/Pointed
Notable Summit Objects: Trig Point
Range: Shropshire Hills
The Stiperstones is a rare part of Shropshire that is similar in its appearance to some of the famous moors of the country. It is a windswept heather clad, 5 mile long rocky ridge that, at the second highest point in the county is notable feature for miles around. The ridge is adorned by a number of large rocky outcrops called tors, the summit is one of these tors called Manstone Rock of which on its top is a Trig Point, meaning it is a scramble to reach the summit. One of the other main tors on the ridge is that of the Devil's Chair, it is situated to the north of Manstone Rock and is a huge shattered rocky mass that has a similar appearance to a large chair, and just has to be explored along with the rest of this fabulous Shropshire highpoint.
 Due to its height and location, the views are fantastic all round, north west towards Pontesford Hill and Earl's Hill, west towards the Long Mynd, south towards Linley Hill and Norbury Hill, south west towards Black Rhadley Hill and Heath Mynd and Corndon Hill.

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