Sunday, 16 November 2014

Boulsworth Hill

Location: The Forest of Trawden - Lancashire
Height: 517 metres (1,696 ft)
Summit Type: Grassy/Boggy/Rocky/Flat
Notable Summit Objects: Trig Point
Range: Pennines
Boulsworth Hill is a significant high piece of moorland to the south east of Trawden, Lancashire. This highpoint is relatively easy to spot due to its characteristic profile, it is a long narrow hill that from a distance is similar in its appearance in some respects to Pendle Hill, which is the most significant hill you can see to the north west from Boulsworth Hill's boggy summit, the summit itself is called Lad Law.
The summit commands some excellent views also west towards the north west coast of England, north towards Pinhaw Beacon, east towards the Bronte moors, and south towards Widdop Moor.

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