Thursday, 25 October 2012

SealSkinz Winter Gloves Review

5 out of 5 stars.

This time last year I was in need of some new winter gloves. I had worn gloves in the past that were good in cold wind for a time, but before you know it the ends of my fingers were getting numb. I was also looking for some that were waterproof preferably, you can almost guarantee a bit of moisture somewhere on a winter hike, whether it be a wet rock face, or the heavens opening to give you a good soaking.
 I had looked at many pairs of gloves, some at ridiculous prices that were said to be waterproof and windproof. But one manufacturer seemed to stand out for me, and that was SealSkinz. They have a really good reputation, and produce many different models of quality gloves for very reasonable prices. The model that seemed to tick all the boxes for me was the Winter Gloves retailing at £30, straight to the point they are warm and waterproof, and believe me they really are, they have had a real soaking on the majority of winter hikes and they didn't wet out once.
 They are windproof too, and very snug. If anything your hands can become to warm in them when on an ascent of an icy peak somewhere, but they are a real comfort to know they are in your rucksack ready to be put on in freezing conditions. On winter hikes I wouldn't leave home without them.

 The SealSkinz Winter Gloves:
~Comfy lining
~Extremely breathable
~Velcro cuff fastener
~Grippy palm area

Overall a great pair of gloves that won't let you down, that I couldn't recommend more.

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